Monday, September 19, 2011

Goals & Expectations

I thought about calling this blog "late bloomer" since I seem to be late at everything in life, and I am receiving the "Change newsletters" a day late, but, no worries. I just have more time to consider what to do next!

Since I often get overwhelmed with too much stuff, but I love to be "in the thick of things," part of my journey in this course is for me to attend to what I plan to attend to. But, not to get too bogged down and quit. (I may have inadvertently announced my expectations!)

I do plan to create a personal network and work with different technologies. I'd also like to get better acquainted with emerging technologies.

As a former toastmaster and someone who has been working with presentation technology for over 20 years, this article "Are You Talking to Me?" in "Communications of the ACM" resonated with me 

Why do we endure such awful presentations? Why can't we have a simple method to provide good feedback to the presenter?  And why do presenters think it's okay to put 10 bullet points on a powerpoint slide and then apologize for the look?

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