Thursday, September 15, 2011

My "Starter" Social Web

Not that I haven't social webbed before...just about everyone has facebook now! I have never blogged before, but I wanted a reason to put my toe in the water. It's here! Why now?
1. I signed on for MOOC  (a massive open on line course). According to their website, "This is an unusual course. It does not consist of a body of content you are supposed to remember. Rather, the learning in the course results from the activities you undertake, and will be different for each person." And in another place, "This course will introduce participants to the major contributions being made to the field of instructional technology by researchers today. Each week, a new professor or researcher will introduce his or her central contribution to the field"
2. I am in the middle of one of the biggest transitions in life: Marriage. I have had the same name for over a half century. In less than a week, I will add another name, Routh.
3. I've been interested in how your name affects how you are perceived. With my marriage, I have the opportunity to "reinvent" myself by taking on another name. I've decided to use "J Lynn Routh" as my persona in this new arena. Over the years, I've taken "vacation names" and toyed with the idea of what name I would chose if I were to drop out of society and start over. (Apparently, not everyone thinks of things like this.) I'm not exactly starting over but repurposing the names I already have by using my first initial, middle name and new, married last name. There are too many "Jennifer's" in the world now anyway!

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